Project Extended

Are you the new voice for the flute?


It all started when...

I started a call for scores for unaccompanied flute music, with one condition: do not use "normal sounds." If one can do that, I'll record a CD of your music.

The entries flowed in - about 35 in total - from all over the world, and seven works, written specifically for this project. 

The variety of these not-normal-sounds works was astounding, and each composer, in their own way, challenged the concept of normal and extended the sonic spectrum of the flute.

I am currently in the final phase of producing the second album, and for this edition, there are works written in theme-and-variation form, works with electronics, and with piano (used in the most creative ways!)

It never costs composers a penny to submit their work: I run all the expenses to create a professional album for everyone to enjoy. This is my labour of love. 

So, are you the new voice for the flute? Send me your score!